Marco Women is the ministry of Marco Church seeking to help women grow in their relationship to Jesus Christ through study, encouragement and service.


MarcoWomen Fall Study Series

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Coming Friday, September 6 | 9:00am

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Women at Marco Presbyterian Church have been knitting prayer shawls for the last 12 years.  These prayer shawls are given to church family members -- men, women and children when in physical need as a reminder that an unconditional and loving God is with them. The shawl maker begins with a prayer for the unknown recipient and completes her shawl which is then stored in the Mercy team office.  Mercy team members, Pastors and others knowing of the need for a prayer shawl then distribute the shawls.

No matter your skill level, you can get involved! Just give us a call or email!

Thank you to all those who pray and knit the prayer shawls. They not only bring comfort to the body but God uses them to comfort the hearts, and sometimes even to open the heart to receive his love.
— The Jackson Family

To learn more about Marco Women’s ministry, give us a call at 239-394-8186 or email us here.