Steve Schoof

Senior Pastor


Steve trained at Covenant College and received both a masters and doctoral degree of ministry from Westminster Theological Seminary.

Steve and Beth spent 26 years serving in Perth, Australia. While in Perth, he planted and was senior pastor of the Westminster Presbyterian Church. Those who know Steve’s work describe him as a Churchman and Statesman held in high esteem by pastors and elders, and is humble with a gracious spirit. “He listens and loves well.”

Steve is a teacher and trainer for EE (Evangelism Explosion) and XEE. He was a ministry leader not only in Australia, but in Indonesia and Malaysia as well. Beth is described as "uncompromising in her spiritual convictions, universally loved and sought out as a Bible study leader and encourager." Beth and Steve enjoy reading and having a time to enjoy devotions together. In addition, they search for wild orchids together and both love chocolate.

Digging a little deeper...

1. What brought you to Marco Church?

Beth and I just showed up to thank the church for supporting us for 26 years on the mission field and they called me to be the pastor!

2. Your favorite snack?

Corn chips and hummus.

3. A childhood ambition?

To fly for the Air Force.

4. What is one thing people don't know about you?

A rope swing over the Patty Creek in Northern Virginia was my favorite past time as a kid.

5. Greatest indulgence?

Chocolate with almonds.

6. If you could vacation anywhere, where would it be?