Widow's Harvest Ministry

While on the Chattanooga short term mission trip, some of our team visited a group of ladies at a small church in east Chattanooga.  The group “Widows Harvest Ministry” meets regularly for lunch, a message, prayer, singing, and to receive a few items from their food pantry.

We arrived on a bright Tuesday afternoon to a roomful of 52 women in time for the message!

Andy Mendonsa started this ministry for widows 30 years ago with $25.00.  His ministry has grown over the years and now has 5 full time workers and several others on staff when needed.  The ministry has grown to include meeting the needs of these women for home care, home repair, lawn care, and other needs as they arise. Churches in the area support this ministry with financial support and volunteers.

The message on this day was very clear. Both James 1:27 and Isaiah 1:17 clearly tells us that we should “care for the widows and the fatherless”.  We were silent, emotional and spiritually moved as one by one these women passed a microphone and spoke. We heard prayers and songs of their love of Jesus, while giving thanksgiving and praises for what they had in friendships and relationships with one another “as widows.”  We were prepared to sing, have a lesson and gift them with some things we had brought, but never expected to be the ones receiving all the blessings. These women expressed thanks that we would even take the time in our busy lives to come and be with them -- all the way from Florida.

Yes, we brought little goodie bags and gifts, but the blessings of the day were the prayers, smiles and hugs we received from them.  What an example of Godly Women!  Thank you Widows Harvest Ministries for sharing your day with us!

- written by Bonnie Seigfried, Chattanooga Team Member and Outreach Coordinator